B&R System upgrades

Is there a discontinued B&R system in your machine? Maybe it’s the time for an upgrade?

Quite often the machine is in good condition when looking at the mechanics. The limiting factor of lifecycle is very often discontinued automation system where spareparts are no longer available. It’s however possible to extend the machines lifecycle by upgrading the automation system.

It’s possible to

  • Upgrade to older B&R system to the latest hardware to secure the spare part supply.
  • Convert the old PLC software to latest Automation Studio and run it on the latest controller hardware.
  • Add new functions which are offered by the new system

Example of a system upgrade project: B&R 2005 -> X20

Production machine is delivered in 2004 by german machine manufacturer. The machine has B&R 2005 control system which is already discontinued by B&R and it’s getting difficult to find spare parts.

To upgrade the system, the following steps are taken

  1. Analysis
    • Listing the system components
    • Software / source code analysis
    • Selection of replacement components
  2. Electrical design
    • Modification of the existing electrical drawings
    • Communication diagrams
    • IO-module connection diagrams
  3. Modification and update of the software
    • PLC program will be converted to the latest Automation Studio version
      Necessary program changes are done
    • Hardware configuration will be adapted
    • IO mapping to the new hardware will be done
    • Verify all software functions
  4. Commissioning without interfering the production
    • If needed, the new system can be installed parallel to the old one
      It’s easy to switch back to old system if needed
    • Final exhange of the system will be done only after new system is fully tested and functional
    • System upgrade can be done outside the production hours during weekends or even night time
  5. Testing
    • All system functions are tested in real production envinronment to verify 100% compatibility
    • There will be certain time of so called babysitting when the production is started with the new system. Typically 2-3 days production.

Old B&R 2005 series system

New upgraded system based on X20 technology

Eero TiainenB&R System upgrades