B&R 3IP161.60-1 – 2005 Progr.I/O Proc.1.5M 6xAI/AO 12xDI/O (3IP161.60-1)

3 475,50 

VAT 0%

2005 programmable I/O processor,
850 KB SRAM, 1.5 MB FlashPROM,
1 RS232 interface,
1 CAN interface,
CAN: electrically isolated,
max. 12 digital inputs 24 VDC, sink,
max. 12 digital outputs 24 VDC, 0.1 A,
6 analog inputs ±10 V, 14-bit,
6 analog outputs ±10 V, 12-bit,
2 outputs with +10 V and -10 V per
terminal block,
order 3x TB170 terminal blocks

Ask for delivery time.

This is an obsolete product. This product is not produced anymore by the original manufacturer.

This is a surplus products and it's factory reconditioned.

All components are tested before shipment. Tested by Eero Tiainen Consulting.


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