B&R X20CM0985-1 – X20 energy measurement, 13 AI, 6 DO (X20CM0985-1)

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VAT 0%

X20 digital and analog mixed module,
multi-measurement transformer /
synchronization module,
5 digital outputs, 24 VDC,
0.5 A, source, 1 relay, 1 A,
8 analog inputs, ±480 V / 120 V,
16-bit converter resolution,
3 analog inputs, 5 A / 1 A AC,
16-bit converter resolution,
additional software functions,
order 0TB3102-7011,
0TB3104-7011, 0TB3102-7012,
0TB3104-7012 and 2x X20TB12
terminal blocks separately.

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